Miss Edna 7.2.2015Come sit with us and catch up on what is happening at the Old School.  There are constant renovations and changes going on and we thought this would be a great way to chronical what is happening.  The history and the future of the Old School often co-mingle together as she stands tall up on the hill at the top of Main Street in the neighborly town of Chamois!  Although she continues to age, there is always a breath excitement and anticipation with each new guest that passes through her hallways.  The steps hold deep groves from yesteryear with stories of a bygone era, yet she craves the new footprints of those that visit and stay awhile in her rooms.  Blackboards share stories of those that stay and we treasure the stories and lives of those who find respite within her walls.

Join us here for updates and news and the stories of the Old School on the Hill!