Spring Is Just Around the Corner

I’m sitting here on a cold, but sunny mid-February day just knowing that Spring has to be around the corner.  I have daffodil greens popping up and I saw some fresh green grass growth in the yard (do not tell my husband).  We will be starting our 7th year as Innkeepers of the Old School and I am stunned that time has gone by so fast.  This will also be my 10th year living in Missouri.  Am I considered a mid-westerner yet?  I still have my southern accent, so I may not pass as one since that distinctive drawl still stands out in a crowd.

We hope you will come visit us this year and spend some time in Osage County.  We have beautiful drives, nice farm wineries and some unique places to explore.  We have great food and if you want something catered we have that option too! A nice option if you have kids is the Where Pigs Fly Farm and Museum in Linn, and many Spring weekends you will find an abundance of Fish Fry’s during the season of Lent and once the flowers begin to bloom your eyes have much to feast on as well.

Guests get away to our little corner of the world to relax, have quiet time and enjoy the scenery.  Others make us the overnight stop and go to Hermann for wineries, antiques and distinctive beers and a variety of events depending on the month.  Another stop if you are into antiques is the Grand Antique Mall in Rosebud open only the 2nd Saturday of each month or the Old School Antique Shop in Linn – renovated as a consignment/flea market. Tthey have an awesome coffee shop.

Other notable events coming in the Spring are March 27-29 the Hermann Wurstfest, April 4 is the Farmers Table Wine Trail, May 2 is the Wild Bacon Wine Trail and May 15-17 is the Maifest.  There are many more events as you move into summer – so any time you visit you can find amazing things to do for your enjoyment

I just fixed some hot tea to sip on as I watch the shadows and the sun begin to set.  They days are getting longer, so that means more daylight….which leads to warmer days ahead!  We could still see some March snow, but I’m hoping this spring Mother Nature is on her medication and sees fit for us to have warmer weather just over the horizon.

Give me a call and lets discuss your trip to the Old School.  Enjoy your large suite, feel the grooves in the steps where many children walked up and down the stairs to classes, read the chalk boards and enjoy breakfast in the dining hall (we eat with you when we can) … we love to swap stories and make lasting connections.

See you!  This is your year to stay at the Old School – 2020!

Spring photo for blog