The Wonder of the Season

Winter 2007It seems that winter arrives earlier each year.  No sooner than the trees change color and drop their leaves, the cold, rain and yes, snow begin and wash away autumns deep hues.  I actually find beauty in the winter browns and grays, and find particular delight in driving around and seeing the “lay of the land” of our beautiful mid-Missouri rolling hills.

My most favorite part of the winter season is of course Christmas.  We can easily get caught up in lists and end of year to dos – but the part I’m most drawn to and strive to focus on is what I hold most dear: family.  I truly have to force myself to slow down and experience the “wonder of it all”.  As November comes to a close, I can feel the hurried and rushed whispers in my mind that try to steal my joy and make me focus on the wrong thing.

I love the “wonder” of Christmas, found in unexpected moments…sparkling lights, traditions, a child’s excitement, getting in touch with old friends, or just having a quiet night by the tree and an awesome mug of hot cocoa.

Wonder is not just for kids, its for adults too! We can reclaim “wonder” for ourselves if we will just quieten our hearts and acknowledge its presence.  What are a few ways to capture the wonder of the season? Here are a few ideas:

Be Advent Minded: count down to Christmas with 25 acts of kindness for your friends, neighbors, or co-workers.

Go Visit a Christmas Tree Farm:  even if you don’t buy a tree, go visit one just for the experience

Walk or Drive Your Neighborhood: go look at lights and decorations at night nearby

Make Ornaments:  go “old-school” and string popcorn and cranberries, watch a movie and drink hot chocolate

Have a Surprise Outing:  pack up the kids in their pj’s and drive to the best lit neighborhood!

Read:  a classic  holiday story and let your imagination carry you through it

Sing:  Christmas music out loud, maybe carol in your neighborhood

Sleep:  have a family slumber party with a tree-side picnic and lots of pillows and blankets

Be a Secret Santa: to someone in your community and give an unexpected gift, embrace the heart of giving

Don’t look back and realize you were so busy…too busy.  Slow down instead of speeding up – be present and enjoy the moments. This is the key to finding, keeping and reclaiming the wonder of the season.  One other way to enjoy the season is to visit the Christmas Home Tour in Chamois on December 17.  Here’s a link to the information here.

To our friends near and far, we love and appreciate your support each year.  The Old School on the Hill B & B is for those with a sense of adventure! Our lives are so enriched by each of you!  Many of you become personal friends and we love finding connections and hearing stories of the best guests ever.  We have mixed feelings at the end of our season because we are ready for a break, but we miss the visits and long talks over breakfast – however, we use the closed time to rejuvenate and prep for a new year.  We are excited that 2018 will be our 5th year in business.  It hardly seems possible.  You gift us by your presence and sharing your lives when you stay.  We are blessed.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year!

LeRoy & Debbie