UPick Market Is Open for Summer!

high-humidityThe Missouri heat started early this year.  Temperatures soared into the 90’s before the summer solstice.  A little respite is on the way for about a week and some rain has made our local farmers happier.  Humidity has not been playing fair though, causing  you to be dripping wet just as you step out the door – and has been instrumental in keeping the grass growing, especially between the sidewalk cracks so it looks like a jungle going to your front door.

One of our local farmers started a UPick Market last Fall and it was a huge success.  We even took several of our guests out to the farm area and let them pick produce to the tune of a $1/lb.  The produce is absolutely lovely and during the Fall there was broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes and regular and heirloom squashes.

UPick peppers

Right now there is a summer variety of tomatoes, squash, cucumbers for pickles, onions and potatoes.  Visiting the farm and picking your own produce is a great way to harness a true farm to table experience at a great price.  Last year there were visitors from Kansas City, St Louis and of course, many locals.  The farmer who works to make this possible is a colorful fellow who loves to share his knowledge of vegetable growing and encourage people who think they might like to try a hand at gardening.

U Pick toss

Along with the UPick Market the Old School is offering vegan cooking classes to her guests.  This will include learning some basics of vegan eating habits, useful tips, health benefits and a farm to table experience.  Most classes will run about $50 per person with handouts, seeing a meal prepared and a fun evening with friends.  If you like, you can bring your own wine to enjoy with tasting.

In our little town of Chamois we also have a Saturday Farmer’s Market that is open from 7:30 – 10:30 a.m. and local’s sell vegetables and food items and if you are lucky you will find the Senior class having a bake sale.

Come experience a relaxing stay in one of our large rooms, bring some comfy clothes for the farm and enjoy a great trip in the country.  To coin a phrase from one of my fellow B&B owners….. “it’s just prettier out here”….and a great outing for the whole family!

UPick Market