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Season Six – A New Year Begins at the Old School

August 2017 drone photo of Old SchoolIt’s a brand new year at the Old School! “Classes” begin this month! With the persistent cold weather we will delay opening until after the third weekend in March. Let’s hope Spring warmth arrives really soon!
I cannot believe the winter months and holidays have gone by so quickly. Seems like it was just Christmas, New Years, and now Valentines has passed and St Patty’s is creeping up and Easter will be here before you know it. How does that happen? The older I get the quicker the year goes by. I don’t want to miss a thing but it all comes and goes before I can blink.

We use the winter season to visit family, catch up on chores, rest, or even start a new project. I also have a small bookkeeping business and so I stay busy with it all year long...

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The Old School has a Front Row Seat to the 2017 Solar Eclipse

This year’s total eclipse of the sun, cuts a path across the United States including – fortunately for us – right across the upper central portion of Missouri.

This Moon-shadow is coming right down main street, literally… because the Old School is located right on Main Street.

On August 21, just before the noon hour (depending on where you are), the moon will begin passing between the earth and the sun. Approximately one hour later, periods of totality – or complete darkness – will occur across the state.

Of the nearly 8600 miles of totality covered by this year’s eclipse, only about 2500 miles are over land and that path is only 70 miles wide and it’s cutting right across the United States...

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