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Season Six – A New Year Begins at the Old School

August 2017 drone photo of Old SchoolIt’s a brand new year at the Old School! “Classes” begin this month! With the persistent cold weather we will delay opening until after the third weekend in March. Let’s hope Spring warmth arrives really soon!
I cannot believe the winter months and holidays have gone by so quickly. Seems like it was just Christmas, New Years, and now Valentines has passed and St Patty’s is creeping up and Easter will be here before you know it. How does that happen? The older I get the quicker the year goes by. I don’t want to miss a thing but it all comes and goes before I can blink.

We use the winter season to visit family, catch up on chores, rest, or even start a new project. I also have a small bookkeeping business and so I stay busy with it all year long...

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The Wonder of the Season

Winter 2007It seems that winter arrives earlier each year.  No sooner than the trees change color and drop their leaves, the cold, rain and yes, snow begin and wash away autumns deep hues.  I actually find beauty in the winter browns and grays, and find particular delight in driving around and seeing the “lay of the land” of our beautiful mid-Missouri rolling hills.

My most favorite part of the winter season is of course Christmas.  We can easily get caught up in lists and end of year to dos – but the part I’m most drawn to and strive to focus on is what I hold most dear: family.  I truly have to force myself to slow down and experience the “wonder of it all”...

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Two Big Events – August Eclipse & September Chamois Day

Generally Chamois is a sleepy little town.  She’s full of yesteryear charm with Mom & Pop shops, the local bank and Post Office, she has a new General Store that just opened that offers groceries and gift items, a cool antiques store and old time trading post.  The local B&B (that’s us) is an iconic 141 year old school building that was converted into a bed & breakfast in 2007 by a local couple.  Chamois has a lovely park by the river with an RV campground, children’s playground, ball field and the local Lion’s Club facility.  With the addition of our new store and the Saturday Farmer’s Market now buzzing since many gardens are now flourishing – there is more activity in town than usual – which we hope is the new usual.

Two events dot the horizon this summer of particular significance...

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My Favorite Time of Year


No doubt.  Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year.  The cooler, crisper air, the tree color changes, a blue October sky, the lingering shadows, richer foods and, of course, football (more college ball than pro for me).

It is my favorite time to drive around and see all the colors and marvel that God can make something beautiful out of something that is dying.  All of mid-Missouri is just beautiful for several weeks and it is our busiest season of all.  We are gearing up as our calendar is filling up for September and October.  There are so many wonderful festivals and events in our area.

Chamois will be host several events as our annual Chamois Day Festival will be September 17th with vendors, games, tours and food and reunions...

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UPick Market Is Open for Summer!

high-humidityThe Missouri heat started early this year.  Temperatures soared into the 90’s before the summer solstice.  A little respite is on the way for about a week and some rain has made our local farmers happier.  Humidity has not been playing fair though, causing  you to be dripping wet just as you step out the door – and has been instrumental in keeping the grass growing, especially between the sidewalk cracks so it looks like a jungle going to your front door.

One of our local farmers started a UPick Market last Fall and it was a huge success.  We even took several of our guests out to the farm area and let them pick produce to the tune of a $1/lb.  The produce is absolutely lovely and during the Fall there was broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes and regular and heirloom squashes.

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Memorial Day Weekend Under the Big Top

Reception pic1We were honored to host a large wedding reception over the Memorial Day weekend.  Two of our local families were joined in marriage and the families pulled out all the stops to host a large reception celebration for the event.  We honestly couldn’t have worked with more helpful family members who had to be extremely flexible as things went slightly awry when a huge downpour stopped the big tent from going up on schedule on Friday night! Thunderstorms were a huge threat all week and we kept watching to see if the weather was going to put a huge damper on things as the Saturday wedding and reception was just ahead.  I went up to check on things as the huge downpour started to clear out and the tent crew was heading out as lightning strikes had hit nearby...

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Spring at the Old School

Spring photo for blogWe love that the temperatures are warming up, although it has been slow going for the first half of the month. The farmland around Chamois has been plowed and the farmers are planting or starting to plant.  Local gardeners have their first seasonal growth with lettuce, asparagus and leeks popping up in my menus at home and Spring rhubarb is available for a tasty tart treat!  With growing season we’ve started casting our eyes on fresh vegetables and produce for the Old School breakfasts and at home we have started eating completely vegan and we are feeling so much better and healthier. When I see a new recipe on Facebook I immediately try to see if I can convert it to a totally plant based meal.

My husband LeRoy starting thinking that some folks might like to participate in our UPic...

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March Blog Deal – Stylish Bracelet

Sometimes you come across something really cute and you want to let others know about it.  I’m not a jewel hog and rarely wear much, especially  bracelets because I have tiny wrists! Wish that were true of some other parts!

March Market BraceletI found this adorable brown and silver bracelet on Amazon the other day and the price was so great I just had to get it.  I was not disappointed with how it looked for the incredible price, and it comes with a cute pouch to store it in.

Silver, leather, and rope are in vogue these days and I thought it was about time to keep up style-wise.  I also love that it is adjustable and will stay on my wrist.

Innkeepers have to look good too, even if we do get to dress fairly casual...

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Old School Style

Old School logoAs we progress through the year I hope to share some photos and updates on the Old School especially as we celebrate her 140th birthday this year.  I want to chronical special events, visitors and as a new feature some of our blog pages will feature items that we like that you can purchase online or at the School.  We often carry local products like honey and jams, but sometimes we come across items that are especially cute or have what we consider “Old School” style and we will offer them there on our site. I will also upload links to social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest.

This gives me an opportunity to also share my creative side with our fans, friends and family.  We look forward to a fun, interesting and celebratory 2016!

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Miss Edna 7.2.2015Come sit with us and catch up on what is happening at the Old School.  There are constant renovations and changes going on and we thought this would be a great way to chronical what is happening.  The history and the future of the Old School often co-mingle together as she stands tall up on the hill at the top of Main Street in the neighborly town of Chamois!  Although she continues to age, there is always a breath excitement and anticipation with each new guest that passes through her hallways.  The steps hold deep groves from yesteryear with stories of a bygone era, yet she craves the new footprints of those that visit and stay awhile in her rooms.  Blackboards share stories of those that stay and we treasure the stories and lives of those who find respite within her walls.

Join us ...

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