Let Freedom Ring

Summer calls us to get up and go out, be out early to see the sunrise or stay up past twilight to see the sunset, or just play longer in summer’s warmth.  It invites us off the sofa, away from electronics to have experiences that make us feel alive.  It calls us to grill, try new foods, explore, have the sun and breezes in our hair, toss out the alarm clock and escape!


August 2017 drone photo of Old School

What does summer freedom look like to you?  Do you have a bucket list of things to accomplish?  Is it about no plans whatsoever? Are you a traveler?  Do you take a stay-cation?  Do you take time to just breathe?  Do you cut loose of electronics?  Do you read, have friends over, take it slower?

As a child summer meant sleeping in, fun food for breakfast (or just walking in the cool grass with a box of cereal), reading (I have always loved books and magazines) and using books to escape to other worlds.  It meant playing outside with the neighborhood kids and at least one vacation away to an ocean resort.  Summer holidays would be spent with family and we would have hotdogs, hamburgers or steaks on the grill, homemade ice cream and all the girl cousins laughing and playing together.  Sometimes it meant being bored and now I wish I had THAT problem!

As an adult it is less simple (duh!) I value and treasure more summer moments like coffee on the screened porch, a fresh salad with all the wonderful summer veggies, a long walk in the park, a nap, and sunshine and green versus the harshness of winter.  I love soft jazz music to relax and walks with the dogs.



I mark the middle of summer with the July 4th holiday.  Our national celebration that revolves around our freedoms as Americans gives me joy with treasured memories of past holidays and joy that we still live in such a great nation with freedoms many worldwide do not enjoy.  One of my dogs is not a fan of fireworks, but I enjoy seeing these figurative “bombs bursting in air” and a huge flag waving in the breeze in honor of all the sacrifices that have been made on our behalf.

We would love to have you come stay at the Old School this summer.  A tad ironic and iconic to stay at “school” during summer – but our rooms are large and spacious, there are lots of ways to spend a few carefree days visiting wineries, shopping for antiques, taking a drive to see the countryside and plenty of restaurants to please your taste buds along the way.  We are always glad to make suggestions on what to do and where to go!

To quote JoAnna Gaines, “… the nature of a season so intrinsically linked to possibility, adventure, and anticipation… there seems to be a consensus, an understanding of summer’s sacredness.”

Let freedom ring in your own heart this summer.  See you soon!