My Favorite Time of Year


No doubt.  Fall is my absolutely favorite time of year.  The cooler, crisper air, the tree color changes, a blue October sky, the lingering shadows, richer foods and, of course, football (more college ball than pro for me).

It is my favorite time to drive around and see all the colors and marvel that God can make something beautiful out of something that is dying.  All of mid-Missouri is just beautiful for several weeks and it is our busiest season of all.  We are gearing up as our calendar is filling up for September and October.  There are so many wonderful festivals and events in our area.

Chamois will be host several events as our annual Chamois Day Festival will be September 17th with vendors, games, tours and food and reunions.  It’s a day long event that covers Main Street and our City Park.  Nearby Hermann hosts Heritage Days the same weekend.  So there is no lack of fun and yumminess!

The Upick market in Chamois is also in full swing for Fall and boasts of peppers, broccoli, squashes and more! We are glad to take our guests out to the field for picking during your stay!

UPick peppers

October is full of activity as Hermann sponsors Oktoberfest activities and many wineries offer live music and of course great tastings.  The weekend of the 14th and 15th Chamois will have it’s 2nd annual Rummage sale and flea market…the following weekend the Chamois Lions Club hosts a Plien Air Festival with artists and food and paint classes on the 22nd.  Finally, in November we will have the Deer Widows Shopping Day on the 12th.

I’m not sure what there is about this time of year that you wouldn’t like.  You get to pull out your favorite sweaters, but it’s not time for a coat.  The weather is cool but not cold and you still have rich bounty from your garden to make meals swing from summer goodness to rich soups and heartier meals.  The sun and sky cast long shadows with the only downside being less daylight.  The trees seem to burst overnight into  golden colors that defy magic.  Rich reds, golden yellows and deep oranges sweep across the country side in a patchwork quilt of color that make you take photos that you know will not do it justice.  Fresh aromas that turn your mind to yesteryear of wood smoke, apple cider, warm cocoa, apple butter and deliciously warm chili.  Nature hikes beckon as the cooler temperatures make it less uncomfortable and Fall festivals are usually only a short drive away and last all season.  It’s a rich season that includes the Thanksgiving holiday then the rush of the cold air of Winter sends us packing indoors before another sparkling holiday with it’s own magic.

This week I will start decorating with fall leaves and pumpkins and begin to bring the warm harvest theme indoors because I like to make it last as long as possible.  Some folks want to cling to summer as long as possible, but you have to start in September to have the full benefit of autumns colors and smells.

Come stay at the Old School and take in the beauty of the season during late September and October and November.  I won’t pull out the flannel sheets just yet, but I can already imagine their warmth and coziness in my mind.

Old School October